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Cookie Tree

Growing up, my parents had a bakery called the Cookie Tree. In addition to cookies (of course:) they sold muffins and pies and cinnamon rolls and all kinds of deliciousness.


At one point, my dad decided that they’d do a radio advertisement. He and my grandpa came up with this jingle that went something like…

“I’m gonna get me a cookie, a cookie at the Cookie Tree. I’m gonna get me a brownie, a brownie at the Cookie Tree.” The song goes on, in a bluesy fashion, to list all of the goodness to be found at the Cookie Tree. My dad was singing, while playing his guitar and my grandpa was in the background saying things like, “oh yeah,” and “uh-huh!”


This is Grammy worthy stuff, people. If not “best new artist”, at least “song of the year”.

It’s no surprise then, that cookies hold a special place in my heart:)


And as you can see, beaters hold a special place in J Man and Miss Rae’s hearts…


We used this gingerbread cut out cookie recipe from my friend, Isa.



Miss Rae was going to town on that giant rolling pin, but she did a little better once I gave her one her size…


There was no bluesy singing in the background.


And the decorations were definitely not “Cookie Tree Quality”.


But after one taste,



There WAS someone saying “oh yeah”, and “uh-huh”…


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