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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Reason #2

They say moving is like taking the fuzzy part off the end of a Q-tip and jamming the stick in your eyeball.

Did I say “they say“?

I meant, “I say“.

There have been some perks. I’ve eaten a lot of “non-Holley approved foods” and I have no guilt. I’m unpacking. I have no time for guilt. The kiddos are loving life with Grandma and Papa just around the corner. And don’t forget Unk C. That guy is a rock star these days.

And while family was the #1 reason we moved, a new/bigger house definitely made the top 10…



Front and back


And sometimes, when I’m super overwhelmed, I just go and look at this cabinet:


It’s oddly soothing…


Living room

We’re still working on other parts, but my favorite feature?


The cows.

Coming from a townhouse in Portland with a “shared” scrap of lawn full of dog poo and cigarette butts, I love, LOVE that my babies have cows to watch over the back fence!


Even better? This is the tree that Matty B and I had our wedding photos taken in front of. Pardon me while I tear up a little…:)

The tissue is still packed, but I think I have the fuzzy tips to some Q-tips around here…


Cherry Picking

I had a manicure a few weeks ago. I don’t remember the name of the OPI color, but it was pink with diamond dust in it. Fancy!

I’m not very fancy. Don’t get me wrong, I like a mani/pedi just as much as the next lady, but I don’t wear a lot of make up or jewelry- it’s just not my style. I don’t even have my ears pierced. I don’t see anything wrong with it- I just don’t care. Can’t be bothered. Would most certainly lose one of each earring pair.

Miss Rae, though? Ooh, we’re in trouble. She was absolutely enamored with my pink, sparkly fingernails. Even now, as it’s all chipped and faded (I’ve been moving, people- nail care is not high on my list of priorities!), baby girl will gaze longingly at my nails. “Pink fingers!” she’ll say in a wistful voice.

Today, both children had not only pink fingers, but pink lips and depending on their level of cleanliness (low), pink arms, legs, etc.


We went cherry picking! My grandpa’s ex-girlfriend (yes, you read that right. She dumped him, but he’s glad because she had both a Cadillac and a Lincoln town car that needed some work and he didn’t want to foot the bill. That’s grandpa- money over love any day…). Anyway, grandpa’s ex-girlfriend has a cherry orchard so we went out to pick.


I was hoping for Bing cherries, but she mostly had Rainier.


Both kids did lots of picking and even more eating!


This is Miss Rae trying to pick the pit out of her cherry. She eventually figured out how to put the whole thing in her mouth and then spit out the pit, but not before a few of these conversations:

Miss Rae: “Cherry, pwease”

Me: (handing her one), “Make sure you spit out the pit.”

Miss Rae: (chewing), “Doesn’t have pit.”

Me: “Yes, it does. Where is it?”

Miss Rae: ” All gone.”


We did eventually find a few Bings, but they were few and far between, and are already the first to go.


There was no diamond dust involved, only dirt dust. But grandpa did get some flirting opportunities in, so it was a good day- pink fingers and all!

Why I run…

I run so I can clear my head.


6/27/13, 6:15 am, 2.5 miles, 28 minutes, slow and steady wins the race

I run because the elliptical just doesn’t cut it (it’s too easy to zone out to Fitness magazine).


I run to keep up with these two balls of energy…


I run because of blue skies…


But most of all, I run because of this…


From here…

What’s your motivation?


You never know how much you need/want something until you don’t have it.

1. It’s been a crazy long time (36 hours) without wireless Internet and I almost went batty.

This was my breakfast today.


It was delicious. It was also the first and last thing I took a picture of.

2. It’s been a crazy long time (7 whole days), since I went for a run. My body is super confused.

Tomorrow I will remedy this. I will blog about it tomorrow. You are now holding me accountable.


Matty B and the biggest bag of newspaper you’ve ever seen. Grandpa said, “just leave it outside. Someone will pick it up.”

God bless my sweet husband for taking it to the recycling center.

You can take the girl out of Portland, but you can’t take the Portland out of the girl…

Reason #1

When people find out that we’re moving, there are two fairly common responses:

1. Walla What?

2. Why would you leave Portland for Walla Walla?

Response number two has come from everyone from my own sister to the barista at Dutch Bros.

There are many reasons that we chose to move (enough so, that I could even run a series- hmmm…maybe I will…).

But the biggest reason?


No, not raspberries, but kinda, I guess.


We chose to move for these two stinkers:)

When I arrived Saturday evening, I was physically and mentally exhausted plus being hugely overwhelmed.

And then we went over to Uncle Aaron and Aunt Lindsay’s house, and I was quickly reminded why we’ve spent the last month of our lives packing and planning and packing some more.



Picking wild raspberries with Unk C


Smelling lavender with Aunt Lindsay


Picking flowers to put in our hair

And I sat in the grass and watched this whole scene and it was so worth it. Take that Dutch Bros. barista!

Now, who wants to come over and help me unpack boxes…?:)

The Move

I’ve known about it for awhile now- the move.


It was actually my decision, so I have no one to blame but myself.


And I’m excited. No, really, I am!


But this was our first house. We moved in on Super Bowl Sunday, seven years ago. I remember ordering pizza and eating in the middle of chaos while watching somebody win and somebody lose. No clue who played. (Note: nor do I recall who played just 5 months ago either. No shame.)


And this was the house that I brought two babies home to. The pink stripes were blue for J Man about two years ago.


And I mentioned that Matty B had been doing all the packing and I was just playing and that was a fine plan until I walked into the kiddos very empty room last night…


…and had a miniature meltdown. I think it was miniature. Matty B may disagree. It was large enough to require a good dose of Almond Dream ice cream (I had to eat it, otherwise it was going to be thrown away!) and Matty B wouldn’t let me go to the store by myself to buy more boxes even though we needed more boxes. He said we didn’t but that was a lie ’cause guess where I found myself this morning, once emotions were in check?

Walmart. Buying boxes. Good thing I’m not the kind of woman who says “I told you so…”


So this is where I sit. Matty B is in the garage, cleaning. I’m supposed to be cleaning the bathrooms.

But instead, I sit here, nostalgia overtaking normal thought.

I need some Almond Dream. Stat.

The Vegan Mini Mall

Every once in awhile I get the long end of the stick.

This opening line is not meant to be inappropriate. What I mean to say is, I’m a natural martyr, just like Grandma V. If the option is cleaning toilets or folding laundry, I’ll choose the toilets, not because I want to clean toilets, but because I don’t want someone else to have to do it.

Have I mentioned that we’re moving? It’s junk. There is only one good thing about the process of moving.

Your friends take pity on you and come bearing Chipotle and Burgerville. Otherwise, it’s junk.

But let’s have some real talk. I’ve barely lifted a finger. Here’s the reason: If you’ve never tried moving with a sassy 2 year old and a know-it-all 4 year old, I dare you. Boxes are unpacked faster than we can pack them. Children who played peacefully with each other 3 weeks ago,seemingly forget all manners and no matter what you unearth from the basement closet (junk or not), they’ve never seen anything so fabulous in their entire lives and must keep it and play with it and never ever pack it.

So back to the sticks. This time, Matty B got the short end because while HE packs, I take the kids and go do awesome stuff.

Today, we tackled Playdate PDX, land of germs and tunnel slides. J Man was sweating at the end from running around so much. I was also sweating, but only because I was trying to follow the speediest munchkins ever through the maze of nets, tubes and air guns shooting nerf balls.

And then, because I’m not a true vegan Portlander unless I’ve personally experienced the “vegan mini mall”, we headed over to Stark Street.


Lunch was at Sweet Pea Bakery where the kids shared a PB&J and I had their chickpea “tuna” melt called “The Katie John Rainboots”. I have no idea why that’s its name. It must be an inside joke. We also split a chocolate chip cookie 3 ways. So good. Not even “good for a vegan bakery” good. Just good.




Then we went right next door to check out Food Fight, Portland’s all vegan grocery store.


I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was pretty small. And it was mostly stocked with vegan junk food, honestly. But we bought some soy yogurt, some organic lollipops, and some broccoli (per the kids request. Let it be known that whenever we are in a store and they request broccoli, I will immediately purchase it).


Afterwards, we checked out Herbivore, a little vegan clothing/gift shop. I wanted a shirt that said “wings are for flying, not frying” under a picture of a chicken, but I restrained myself as the kids were starting to play hide and seek amongst the clothing racks.


Lollipops in hand (mouth), we headed for home!


We did purchase Matty B a vegan oatmeal bar, AND I will make sure that I volunteer to clean the toilets later.


It’s not fair if I have ALL the fun…