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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Thursday Thoughts, XXIV

1. I was googling “cute Valentine snack ideas for kids” and somehow came across this:

What the what?

2. My 10k training for the Race for the Roses starts next week. I’m actually using Hal Higdon’s 15k training plan because I’d love to rock it on race day and maybe get myself a PR.

Compared to my 1/2 marathon training, this will be a walk in the park. Also, I was a big baby and ran on the treadmill again today…

3. There are a few perks in my job and one of them includes 20% off at the Atlas coffeehouse.

White chocolate lavender latte. Yes, please!

4. Today the kids and I were talking about J Man’s upcoming birthday. The theme of the party is football. Duh.

Anyway, Miss Rae asked, “When it’s my birthday, what will the theme be?”

“Whatever you want it to be,” I responded.

She was thoughtful for a moment and then gave her answer.


Sounds like a good theme, baby girl.

5. We had breakfast for dinner because it’s everyone’s favorite (other than Unk C).

Waffles from my favorite, Trader Joes.

I’m on a campaign. Would you do me a giant favor? Even if you don’t live in Walla Walla, would you visit Trader Joes Request A Location and ask for a Walla Walla store? I’ll be your best friend!

Also, I’ll buy out all their pumpkin waffle mix and send you a box.

I’ll have enough money because that will be my birthday theme next year.


The To-do List

I’m all about to-do lists.

This doesn’t surprise you at all, does it?

I have a tendency to only write down a few vital things on my list each day because if I wrote down everything, I’d never get done and I’d feel like a failure.


This was my list today. I wasn’t a failure. I was a success! Also, the list is scratched on the side of one of Miss Rae’s never ending art creations and the yellow things on the side are not chicken beaks, but princess crowns. To clarify.


The day started out perfectly because the night before I got to set my alarm for 6:55 am. This is virtually unheard of. I had the day off because it was J Man’s Parent/Teacher conference day which means no school. The day off with my best buddy? I wasn’t mad about it.


Coffee in my super mom mug. Good thing I have some mom jeans to go along with.


Taking Miss Rae to preschool. These kids. They kill me.


The most unhealthy my grocery cart has looked in ages. That’s what a birthday will do to you. Dude turns 6 in a few days. I don’t want to talk about it.


However, he will be the smartest 6 year old you’ve ever met. He was stoked because he got a 2 in PE last quarter and this quarter he got a 1! It’s the small things…


I’m glad I have this photo to prove that I washed my car because the finished product is awful. Those auto washes are trash.


Coffee/muffin date with my boy. The glaze on that poppyseed muffin is soooo lemony- I love it!


This looks like cookie dough, but it’s not:( I premade a bunch of veggie meatballs for J’s birthday dinner.


This is the ugliest omelette you’ve ever seen, but it was delicious.


30 minutes on the elliptical- not 134. I don’t know what that number means. Also, that’s a hot pink Hello Kitty ping pong ball. You know. Just in case.


Salted almond butter and pretzels for the win.


The next few hours were sucked up with cleaning the house, but that makes for really boring pictures, so here’s the only one I’ll make you look at. Evidence that I did, in fact, unload the dishwasher.


Pizza. I’m not mad about this either.


She memorizes books and then “reads” them outloud.

I love it.

P.S. I did everything on my list today. I love that too.

Love Letter to Trader Joes

Dear Trader Joes,

You might not know me specifically, but there are fans just like me in your store everyday.

Fans who come in for dried mango, salted almond butter and beefless strips, but walk out with all of the above, plus mini heart cookies.

So good…

Fans who aimlessly wander each aisle because they never know what treasure they might find next…


Lightly salted crunchy green beans? Gah! So amazing!

Fans who find that shopping within your hallowed walls make purchases like hand soap exciting.


Smells better than fresh linen

Fans who know that your products can turn ordinary meals into delicious new prospects.


Your peanut satay sauce is good on everything, including pizza.



Topped with edamame, sautéed mushrooms and yellow bell pepper, this was a stellar combo.

So please, Trader Joes, please! Won’t you come to Walla Walla? You’d fit right in. I’d visit you everyday.


Your biggest fan

P.S. At least I have some amazing dark chocolate to console myself with…


Cooking with Kids

It’s no secret that Miss Rae likes helping in the kitchen.

Ever since she was a tiny thing with chubby cheeks, she’s loved “assisting”.


Seriously, look at those cheeks.

But truth be told, her help isn’t exactly helpful. When I’ve rushed in the door from work, anxious to get dinner on the table, it’s somewhat challenging to find things for her to help with that are safe and/or don’t create a bigger mess than they’re worth.

But then both kids stayed with Grandma and Papa on Saturday night and I got a text with this picture:


And there’s my little chef, minus the chubby cheeks, pleased as punch to be cooking with Grandma.

So, tonight when I got home, I mustered up all the patience I could find and Miss Rae and I made dinner. She mixed the cornbread batter as I added ingredients and then she kinda sorta helped me snap green beans. There absolutely was cornbread batter drips on the floor.

No problem. (Matty B cleans the kitchen anyway;)

Here are a few recipes I’m anxious to try with the kids.

Chocolate pudding (Because there’s nothing cuter than chocolate face. Unless it’s chubby cheeks chocolate face.)

Tortilla pizza (Nevermind that my children would only want cheese on these, making them quesadillas and not pizzas, but for the other members of the family, it’s a good idea.)

Baked corndogs (You could absolutely make these with veggie hot dogs.)

Roasted chickpeas (J still calls these “bonzos” and I think he’d like these.)

Do you cook with your kids? Any tips?

My next race

I absolutely need a goal. It’s just part of my personality.

I heard someone talking about a challenge where the goal is to drink only water for 365 days (no other beverages). If it weren’t for my coffee obsession, I could totally do it. But, coffee obsession, so no.

I made a New Year’s resolution to tweet everyday. It’s the end of January and I haven’t tweeted once. Twitter still befuddles me.

It seems that the easiest goals for me to attain are race goals.

I’ve been pretty consistent with my treadmill running this winter. Part of the ease of my morning routine has to do with my Biggest Loser devotion, which I watch online while I run. I’m not proud of this devotion, but if it gets me out the door at 6 am, it’s acceptable.


But running on the treadmill is crazy easy compared to huffing it outside.


I ran 2.6 hard miles outside this morning and realized that if I don’t want to Iose my running fitness, I’ve gotta set a running goal and maybe add an incline on the treadmill…

I just signed up for the Race for the Roses in Portland on April 19 and I’m super excited!

Excited to have a goal.

Excited to have a Portland trip on the horizon.

Excited to not be sucking wind after 2 easy miles.

Excited to wear these running tights.


What do you think? Too flashy?

It’s Portland. I’ll fit right in.

Thursday Thoughts, XXIII

1. Whenever I read a blog where the writer is apologizing for being MIA for a period of time, I always feel somewhat annoyed. I mean, my personal happiness is not dependent on this person posting something every day. We all have lives, right?

But…I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA for a couple of days. Life has been happening.

2. I got to have dinner with my friend, Glenda. She’s a good lady and suggested my favorite, Native Foods.


Semi-related anecdote:
My family really likes the sourdough pancakes at Pig ‘N Pancake, a restaurant on the coast. There’s one in Seaside and one in Cannon Beach. We absolutely believe that the one in Seaside is superior.

There is a Native Foods at Bridgeport Village and one in Clackamas. I absolutely believe that the Bridgeport Village restaurant is superior.

Glen and I went to Clackamas, but the food was still good and you can’t go wrong with nachos.

3. Last week, on a cookie butter kick, I made these scones.



They were meh. Don’t waste your time OR cookie butter. Eating it straight out of the jar is a much better use.

4. I’ll say it again. The WWU cafeteria is good.


This was my dinner tonight. Made to order. Delicious. Also. Lemon bars.

5. Apparently my Hot Tamales obsession is showing itself at basketball games.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Seahawks cupcakes

Let’s talk about a few topics today.

These include:

1. Why I don’t love the Seahawks.
2. What I do when my boy cries giant crocodile tears.
3. How I’m not above cake mix and food coloring.

Last night we attended a family birthday party. The plan was bowling, Pizza Hut and then cake at the birthday boy’s house. J Man was beyond excited about every facet of this party.

Rookie mistake #1: don’t tell your child every detail of what you hope might happen, in case it gets too late and you need to go home and go to bed.

We enjoyed bowling and pizza, but time was ticking away and I made an executive decision that we would skip cake and go home instead.

Sobs. Heaving sobs. Giant crocodile tears running down flushed cheeks. Hiccups.

All I had in my back pocket was the promise of cake the following day at grandma and papa’s Seahawks viewing party.


I don’t love the Seahawks. When Matty B and I started dating, I surprised him with tickets to a Cowboys game. The game was against the Seahawks, in Seattle.


Have I already told you this story? I think I might have…


Anyway, Matty B and I were wearing our Cowboys jerseys and were treated horribly. Seahawks fans are awful! Yeah, yeah, 12th man, blah blah blah…


We weren’t obnoxiously cheering for the Cowboys. The Cowboys didn’t even win! I was still afraid to wear my Cowboys jersey as we walked back to the car.


I don’t really care anymore. But when people question my lack of allegiance to the Seahawks, I tell them that story.


All of this to say, do you see my undying devotion to my Seahawks loving son?


We made cupcakes, sporting Seahawks blue and green.



The cupcakes tasted really good.


And it was a good thing, because the Hawks recent win was just a little bitter…:)