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Thursday Thoughts, XXX

Just to clarify, this post is not X rated, nor does it have anything to do with Vin Diesel.

1. I the kids already bought Teacher Appreciation gifts for their teachers, but they decided they needed sparkle glitter messages for them too.


Miss Rae’s new word is bless. She’s constantly blessing everyone. Also, sometimes it means “from” as used below. (She likes to “text” Aunt B, which means I write her message and she pushes send.)


2. I tried to make some protein bars with coconut flour.


At this point in the recipe I was totally sicked out by their appearance and then I tasted the dough. Gross. In the garbage. What a waste.

2. Coffee date with my mom who doesn’t drink coffee.



4. I’ve mentioned my fizzy bath bomb obsession before. Shockingly, there’s no Lush in Walla Walla. Never fear. I found a DIY homemade bath bomb recipe. Now I only need some citric acid…

5. My sweet J Man wrote me a letter today.


It’s a keeper. So is he.


Cornmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don’t have a potty mouth. I mean to say, I didn’t grow up in a swearing household and now, as an adult, I keep it pretty clean.

My “swear” words are blast and what the R? which I realize makes no sense. (If you care about the history of this one, I would never say what the hell? and even what the H? seemed a little too close for comfort, thus what the R? was born.)


We don’t swear. So when J Man came home with what the heh? (note: not “heck,” but “heh” because he doesn’t even know what he’s saying), I was surprised.

We talked about good words to use at both home and school. He sobbed. Real tears of sorrow. I mean, you would’ve thought I was accusing him of something terrible.

Five minutes later, from Miss Rae:

“Oh my gosh!”

I can’t win.

I think you’re supposed to wash kid’s mouths out with soap when they say bad words.


I washed my kid’s mouths out with cookies.

I made these cornmeal chocolate chunk cookies with raisins and fennel. Except we didn’t have fennel, so I left that out. And if I put raisins in cookies, Matty B will be the one saying the bad words, so those were omitted also.


These cookies are definitely crunchy and crispy. We liked them, but we find ourselves in the “soft and chewy” camp when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.


I baked a dozen immediately after I mixed up the dough and they spread very quickly and got those edges that tell you the butter was a little warm.


I refrigerated the dough for 30 minutes and tried again. Same result. Again, still good, but not our favorite.


These two didn’t mind the crunch. They kept saying “mmmmmm!”


And in my book, that’s a good word!

The Elephant

I’m not exaggerating. The conversation below is real and not at all contrived.

This afternoon the sun was shining and the kiddos were messing around in the yard, completely content to look for roly-polys and dig in the mud. I was sprawled on the sidewalk, soaking up the sun and delighting in the fact that I wasn’t being asked for juice or a bandaid, or even for what I spy.

Rae came up to me and looked me square in the eye.

“Mommy. When are we going to address the elephant in the room?”

I burst out laughing and when I questioned which elephant she was referring to, she shrugged and trotted off to find some more ants to crush.

She makes a good point. When ARE we going to address this elephant? The elephant of, Holley sure doesn’t seem to write this blog with much consistency these days.

You’re right. I used to be really dedicated to my little corner of internet, but my attention is fading fast.

For one, I’m very busy painting superwoman’s fingernails.


Part of the problem is content driven. I’m not really vegan anymore which is a problem when I write a vegan blog. And to be honest, my “cooking” has been pretty questionable lately too. Virtually everytime we have friends over, we roast hot dogs. It’s all I have energy for.

I’m not training for any races, so I don’t have much to say on the running front.

And while I could talk about these scamps for days, most evenings it takes all my gumption to manage them, much less rehash it all.


This isn’t to say that I’m quitting. Cause I’m not.

It’s kind of like the elliptical.

I get kinda bored on the elliptical, but I like the end result (fitting into my skinny jeans), so I do it.

I’m getting kinda bored blogging, but I like the end result (it’s really fun for me to read back to past months’ posts), so I do it.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that versatile vegan isn’t gone, but I’m only gonna write when I feel like it. I don’t really know what that means, but as my kids get older, I really need to maintain a way to embarrass them.


We’ll save this photo for J Man’s first date…

Race for the Roses


I ran this race (10k) and it was 97% fabulous. Also, those droplets on my medal aren’t sweat. I washed my face right after the race and the medal got splashed. Really!


I’ll explain the lacking 3% in a moment. For now, some details:



The night before, I ate pizza and ice cream. This menu is probably not pre-approved by elite runners, but it worked for me. Also, bib pick-up was the day before which I loved. Zero lines and I didn’t have to stress about getting to the race 3 hours early.


Sunday morning was an early wake-up call for a 7:20 am start. I fueled with a Kind bar and a Starbucks doubleshot but this wasn’t necessary because the buffet at the race (pre and post) was fully loaded with coffee, red bull, water, oranges, bananas, bagels, bread, bars, etc.

I was a little nervous (I always am), so I didn’t help myself but it was nice to know for future reference.

We started at the Oregon Convention Center which was awesome! Easy parking, lots of clean indoor bathrooms, and it was warm!

At 7:15 I stuck myself in the 9-10 minute mile pace group and at 7:20 on the dot we were off! I had a secret (well, I told Matty B but no one else) goal to run this 10k in less than an hour. That meant a pretty steady push from my usual pace. (Spoiler alert: I missed my goal, but not by much.)

Right away, I felt great. The weather was perfect, the other runners were friendly, and the miles flew by.


And then I hit mile 6. I was tired already and then there was a hill. An unexpected hill. And I knew that if I was going to make my goal, I’d have to own this hill.

Unfortunately, it owned me. I mean, I made it to the top running, (sort of) but just barely.

And when I was done, I got this text:


I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed. But I still feel proud of my accomplishment and now I know that I definitely need to incorporate more hills into my training.


Now, the 3% of disappointment:

1. I didn’t hit my goal.
2. The last mile of the race, the 5kers (many of them walkers) merged with the 10kers and it wasn’t smooth. There were many groups of 5kers ambling their way along, all side by side, taking up the entire road. I don’t know how many times I said (gasped) “on your left!” as I tried to get past. Irritating.
3. There were many awesome services at the end. Drinks, free photos, free massages, etc. but the lines were so horrendous that I didn’t even try.



No matter. My real prize was breakfast at my favorite Crema.

I’ll run for quiche and Spanish lattes anyday.


Someday (tomorrow?) I’ll recap the Race for the Roses.

Today, I’m chilling out with this dude who seriously dug a hole in the lawn (sorry, Matty B) and filled it with water.


And this little one who keeps referring to me as stepmother.


As in:

Me: “Rae, will you pick up your shoes?”

Miss Rae: “Yes, stepmother.”

Also, I managed to purchase some ankle boots, thanks to Aunt B’s guidance from afar.


Also, apparently Aunt B has tinfoil pants, so there’s that.


All of this to say that my priorities are in the right place and I’ll tell you all about my race later.

Silent Saturday

(yes, I realize that today isn’t Saturday, but the photos are from Saturday. Also, now it’s not silent. What a lie. )












Thursday Thoughts, XXIX

1. I’m running the Race for the Roses on Sunday. I’m totally prepared.


My training cycle has gone well. I feel good. Edit: I felt good.

I caught a cold. I never get sick. I have the immunity of a race horse (is this an accurate simile?). Regardless, 2 days before the race, I feel like trash. Instead of gu’s, I’ll be taking shooters of NyQuil along the course.

2. I’ve finished my Hello Fresh subscription.



The other two meals were pasta primavera and kale panzanella. Both were delicious. Both were time-consuming. I learned two valuable tips:

1. Sour cream and a little pasta water makes a surprisingly good sauce.
2. Lemon zest/juice makes every dish better.

3. I took a personality test.


These are my results. I gotta tell you, I was kind of surprised that I tested extravert. People who know me on the surface might see this to be true, but I think deep down I’m a true introvert. I can force myself to be extraverted, but it feels hard sometimes.

4. This has been my lunch for three days in a row.


Except for today. Today’s lunch was Dutch Bros. You know, feed a cold, starve a fever…?

5. This.


Because she’s perfect.