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WIAW: the day I didn’t cook

For someone who has (what used to be) a food blog, I sure don’t cook very often. I mean, I eat. You betcha I eat. I just don’t really cook anymore. Maybe it’s lack of creativity. Maybe it’s the fact that these days I’m usually busy monitoring epic bubble baths…

Or maybe it’s just that there’s lots of good food around me that doesn’t require my assistance.


I had an early meeting and it was catered which was fabulous because a) my sweet mama was the caterer and b) since I didn’t have to worry about breakfast, I was actually on time. 

Mushroom and veggie sausage quiche, cinnamon roll (amazing, Unk C) and fruit.

And my own coffee because I’m addicted.



Baby beet salad with goat cheese and pepitas alongside awesome conversation from my cohorts at the other colleges in Walla Walla. Ooh, also a dirty chai tea which was lovely.



I guess I technically cooked this meal, but baking premade veggie corn dogs and boiling corn hardly seems like cooking. This meal did, however, give Matty B the opportunity to make a joke about double corn dogs which made me think he was very witty and also took the attention off the fact that 


I might need an intervention. Or maybe just a bubble bath.


Cherries 2015

You know you’ve been blogging for a long time when a quick search of your archives turns up two previous seasons of cherry picking.

Cherry Picking
Cherry Pickers
And today, we add year three to the list with:

Cherries 2015

Yes, I know. I’m very creative with my titles.

It’s kind of amazing, the difference a few years makes.




Cherries 2015 was slightly different than Cherries 2013.

1. In 2013,  Miss Rae was eating whole cherries, pit and all. Not this big girl. Now she doesn’t eat cherries at all. Today.


2. In 2015, J Man climbs ladders. I still hold onto his belt loops, but he’s much more independent than four year old J Man.


3. And as for Matty B? Not much has changed.  He still likes picking cherries, but he still won’t eat them.


Now, what to do with 3 pounds of cherries and 3 family members who snub them?

Cherry Pie Bars?
Fresh Cherry Tart?
Fresh Cherry and Pecan Quinoa?
Cherry Brown Butter Bars?
I want to make them all. Something tells me that if I don’t get around to one of these recipes this year, there will be plenty of opportunities with Cherries 2016.

I’ll bet you’re giddy with anticipation.

Five on Friday

1. I took my children into a bar today. Thankfully, it was for a good cause.

All the dads are getting growlers of root beer for Father’s Day. I’d tell you to keep this a secret from Matty B, but I’m an awful gift giver and an even worse secret keeper, so he’s already busted into his jug. I also got him a wheelbarrow. Wife of the year, no?

2. I have a new patisserie favorite:

-the lemon blueberry danish. I used to be a kouign-amann (top) girl all the way, but this tastes like summer. Also, our blueberry bushes at home have drowned (it’s a long story) so I’m on the lookout for a u-pick scenario.

3. Miss Rae has this weird way of eating her doughnuts.

I’m not certain if this is a “save the best for last” scenario, or if she really likes the glazed part best.

4. Today was the annual yard sale that Matty B and grandma have come to know and love.

These two are getting in on the yard sale action early with cookies and lemonade for sale. I don’t know whether or not to be proud of their entrepreneurship or ashamed of their yard sale excitement.

They made $20. I guarantee that Miss Rae already has it spent.

5. However, she can spend all she wants if she’ll keep snuggling with me.

J Man isn’t much of a snuggler. Never has been. But this one will melt into your arms and I never want it to stop.


I’m not spontaneous.

My idea of spontaneous is to not look at the menu online before we go to a restaurant. Yeah, I’m wild.

Matty B has similar preferences. His very least favorite phrase ever is “let’s just play it by ear.” No, no. No playing anything by ear. Follow the music. Follow the plan.


So when he suggested on Friday that we drive 14 hours round trip on Monday (graduation weekend being in between), I thought he was a little crazy. But as you can see from the Starbucks mug above, we went. (Because if I don’t have a Starbucks mug to prove it, we didn’t go.)

We went because I’ve got a crazy summer of work travel ahead of me and we want to be a foursome on an adventure.




We went because of jellyfish and blue parrots and the Vancouver aquarium. 


We went because of Tim Horton’s even though I came away less than impressed. Their coffee comes from a gas station machine and their doughnuts were meh.  (Also, here’s a fun test. Whose doughnut is whose in the photo above? Answer at the end.)



We went because there was better food to make up for it (yes, more doughnuts- these of the Krispy Kreme variety.)


 But mostly, we went for this.



 Well, specifically this.  USA v. Nigeria in the women’s World Cup soccer game.

This dude was overjoyed. I mean, he was in. Miss Rae was another story, but thankfully there was popcorn and I brought along her princess fairy tales so all was well.

USA won. 1:0.

I’m the real winner. An adventure with my sweet family? This will be my favorite memory of the summer.

Doughnut answer: clockwise from the top-

Powdered sugar (lemon filled)- Matty B

Chocolate chocolate- Miss Rae

Old fashioned- me

Sprinkled- J Man

If you know me at all…

…you know what this means:

More to come… 

Graduation Thursday Thoughts

1. The university is graduating this weekend. For me, this means a number of things that include 5 am wake-up calls on Sunday morning and obsessively checking my weather app to make sure it’s not going to rain. It won’t.

But it means other things too.

It means that I get to see my bestie, Glen. Can’t wait.

2. It means that Aunt B is home for the weekend!

3. It also means that my phone has pages and pages that look like this:

4. It means that I’m gonna eat really good food.


Why is monkey bread so bad for you, but so delicious?

5. And it means that J Man and Miss Rae still consider themselves of the graduating crowd. Even though their big days were weeks ago.

Rae wrote her brother a graduation card. She has such a good heart.

The countdown is on…

Smooth Chocolate Pie

Matty B decided to grow a beard.

I’m not his biggest supporter. 

All of the thousands of days that I’ve known and loved my husband, he’s been clean shaven. Once he was asked to grow a beard for a friend’s wedding and you should have heard the complaining about how itchy facial hair is.

And my husband is a very handsome man. And I always find him attractive. And I love him no matter what. 

But the beard has got to go.

In a feeble attempt to show him how great things are when they’re smooth, I made this chocolate cream pie. 

Ok, in all reality, it was family dinner night and the pie had nothing to do with Matty B’s scratchy face. But you might notice that he isn’t in the picture?