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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Flashback Friday

I’m not a fan of blood and guts. We don’t do any witches or demons for Halloween.

But we definitely do pumpkins. And I couldn’t help but share this lil’ pumpkin from 2011.

Those cheeks.

That tongue.

Happy Halloween!


Thursday Thoughts, XXXVII

1. I had my last caffeine yesterday.

Today was not my best. 

It was getting to the point where I needed two coffees daily and I was still getting headaches at night. Maybe the headaches are something else. Maybe I actually have measles, mumps, and rubella but until I eliminate caffeine, I won’t be sure.

Regardless, I used my last caffeinated Keurig pod and I’m only buying decaf from now on. There are very few things I can control in my life. This is one that I can.

Pray for Matty B. And my kids. And my co-workers.

2.  We lived in Portland for 7+ years and I never once experienced Cafe Yumm. It took the Portland airport to make this happen.

What a travesty I waited this long. This bowl was amazing and I’m considering flying into Portland just to get some more.

3. Free apples=apple crisp

To be honest, there was a reason the apples were free. They were fresh, but not crisp enough for us.

Although, brown sugar/oatmeal/cinnamon crumble on top of most anything makes it a winner.

4. Finally!

Love this toothy grin.

5. Daylight Saving Time?


How do you make caramel stick to apples? (and other important questions)

How effective can a leaf raker be if she’s wearing an Elsa nightgown and Mardi Gras beads?

How can I get Panera Bread’s recipe for butternut squash soup?

And how in tarnation can you make caramel stick to apples?

First, I’ll acknowledge that these are melon baller apple spheres. No one can really eat a whole caramel apple so I took advice from Pinterest (bad idea) and used a melon baller to create these beauties.

The original poster suggested letting the caramel cool and using a paper towel to “dry off” the apple spheres.

We did all of these things and still the caramel slid right off.

Luckily, we had Aunt B and Kortney along for the ride. They were good sports.

Of course they tasted delicious. Most things dipped in caramel and rolled in sprinkles aren’t half bad. But they were definitely not picture perfect.

How do you get caramel to stick to apples?

Also, where do you draw the line between fashion and practicality?

I started out at the pumpkin patch in my cute grey suede boots. It actually hurt my heart to change into my sneakers. What a fashion travesty.

All about J

This boy.

You know that he’s got me completely wrapped around his little finger.

But he’s so smart.

We went to the rose garden last weekend. With no urging from us, he brought along a pad of paper and pencil.

And then he made a detailed list, citing all the different names of the roses. Then we rated the roses on scent. I think my favorite was called Eternal Flame.

And he’s so funny.

One of his front teeth is so very loose. So loose. He insists on walking around with it sticking outside of his lip. It looks absolutely ridiculous and I smile every time I see this photo.

He’s got this crazy business sense.

In the quest for jerseys, money has become an issue. The obvious solution? Draw pictures of jerseys and then charge people “real money” to purchase them. This one is only $4.99 but the Vikings version (Unk C’s team) is more expensive. Dude knows his clientele.

If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by during business hours.

Finally, this kid is just quirky.

On the way home from a weekend trip, both kids were playing with their iPads. J Man didn’t seem to be very engaged with his game and I looked back and asked him what he was doing.

He was listening to Axel F. On repeat. From Umatilla to Walla Walla.

This boy…

Bauman Farms

I’m a bit of a pumpkin patch connoisseur.  
The best pumpkin patches I’ve known have been in the Portland area.

Both Sauvie Island and Leopold’s do a good job and provide optimal pumpkin joy.

And while I love Walla Walla, Klicker’s just doesn’t cut it. If Sauvie Island is like a sandbox, Klicker’s is like a cup of dirt.

But Bauman Farms? Oh my word. They take the cake. If Klicker’s is a cup of dirt, and Sauvie Island is a sandbox, then Bauman Farms is the entire Oregon Coast.

Imagine the activities that would make the most epic pumpkin patch experience ever.

Warm cinnamon sugar doughnuts and fresh pressed cider? 


 Enormous bouncy houses?


Rides and attractions galore? Check.

This was the bug train but add pumpkin slide, swing zip line, mini corn maze, giant corn maze, corn tunnels, frontier fort, and more.

 Hayride? With onboard accordion player?


 And of course, pumpkins.

 We were there for 2.5 hours and didn’t make it to the tricycle tractors, petting zoo, Apple catapult or face painting.


Matty B doesn’t know this yet but we are going to Bauman Farms every fall for the rest of our lives.

Thursday Thoughts, XXXVI

1. The greys are getting so out of control that I’m considering doing this:

On purpose. Talk me off the ledge.

2. We’ve been getting some beautiful produce in our CSA box.

This is a huge beet!

And check out these gorgeous carrots. Unfortunately, I can barely keep up with it all. Not one to waste, I’ve been juicing like crazy.

Even the pulp is beautiful.

3. Pumpkin patch with this dude.

We were sweating 10 minutes in. This sure hasn’t felt like fall. Is global warming real?

4. I know I’m not supposed to like Halloween but I’m completely smitten with all the cute Halloween desserts.

I want to make all of these. 

5. This girl has been doing her own hair lately.

At least she doesn’t want to dye it silver…

On the hour

7 am: Coffee. With almond milk. And a little brown sugar since it was already out for the kiddos oatmeal.

8 am: Took the kids to school and was pleasantly surprised that our bushes are finally changing color.

9 am: Picked up CSA box and ran a couple miles in that neighborhood for a change of scenery.

10 am: Two hard boiled eggs and two veggie sausages.

11 am: Folded laundry and watched Friends. Never gets old. (Friends ~ not laundry.)

Noon: Picked up the girl from preschool and ate lunch at the bakery.

1 pm: Rest time:

2 pm: Pedicures and coloring books:

3 pm: Picked up the boy from school and played at the playground.

4 pm: Made the first apple pie of the season.

5 pm: Rolls

6 pm: Dinner with friends. Conversation is challenging when the adults are outnumbered by the kids. Especially when the game of choice is “raise your hand if you like pickles.”

7 pm: Dessert. With ice cream. Vanilla. As all pie should be served.

8 pm: Saying good-bye

9 pm: Work

10 pm: Read