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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Lemon Curd Thumbprint Cookies

In case you were wondering, it’s totally possible to make lemon curd in Florida, seal it in Tupperware and ziplock and stuff it in your suitcase back to Washington.
Unlike your sunscreen, it will not explode.

In case you were wondering.

 I’ve been MIA because it’s 87 degrees in Florida and we couldn’t say no to that. 

Sha Sha and Grandad have this amazing Meyer lemon tree in their backyard. The lemons are giant and sweet and super juicy.

Also, we were wearing shorts on December 23. Baffling.

We take our lemon harvesting very seriously.



We made lemonade and it was pretty delicious.


But no lie, two lemons gave us enough juice for a pitcher of lemonade. What to do with the rest of the lemons?


You know my affinity for all things lemon. And since Martha Stewart’s lemon curd recipe is my go-to, it seemed like the right thing to do.

“How do you use lemon curd?” Sha Sha asked me.

My immediate response?

“I eat it with a spoon.” And I did. But even a lemon obsession as intense as mine requires some variety.


I used this Thumbprint Cookie recipe and did half with lemon curd and half with raspberry jam.

They were a hit. So much, in fact, that this is the only after shot available:


Thank goodness for Sha Sha and Grandad. 

Thank goodness for lemon trees. 

Thank goodness TSA didn’t confiscate my lemon curd.


Roasted Red Pepper Feta Dip

Because red, white, and green always means Christmas.

Because Grandma was in charge of the veggie tray and she came ready to win.

Because it was our 4th annual Gingerbread extravaganza and Miss Rae specifically chose Papa as her partner because “he lets me sneak tastes.”

Because I’ve also had a few “tastes.”

Because of all of the above, I made this roasted red pepper feta dip.

This dip is tangy and flavorful and a welcome distraction from endless peanut butter balls.

For the record, it was a close contest with Matty B and Unk C coming in 2nd…

And a smashing first place tie for Team Grandma and J Man:

And Team Papa and Miss Rae:

Because of gingerbread “tastes,” 30 minutes later my kiddos were on a sugar high like no other.

Maybe the gingerbread extravaganza should turn into a sleepover at papa and grandma’s next year?

Thursday Thoughts, XXXVIII

1. The inner party planner/caterer/crazy lady inside me is just itching to come out.

I was asked to bring fruit for J Man’s class Christmas party. I’m bringing fruit all right.

2. We’ve been getting text messages from Santa.

This Lego room photo had them at hello.

3. Miss Rae and I did some baking this morning.

As usual, I had a Pinteresty vision that I tried to coerce Rae into.

And as usual, she went her own way.

4. I got a little “punny” for teacher gifts this year.

Am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?

5. Throwback Thursday

My Santa baby at 10 months.

Christmas party tips

If you throw a holiday party for an unknown number of guests, you should definitely “sugar up” first.

These maple gingerbread doughnuts gave Matty B the energy to sweep, vacuum, and dust the house.

If you open the window before your party because someone (Matty B) thinks it’s blazing hot inside but it actually smells like wet dog outside then you should make your house smell good again.

Simmer cranberries, cinnamon sticks, oranges, allspice, and rosemary in water. Smells like Christmas!

If you want to make an awesome centerpiece of candles and cinnamon sticks…

…like this, but you have sticker shock from the price of cinnamon sticks, then you should find the bargain ornaments at the dollar tree and a bag of cranberries.

Done and done.

If your guest list is made up of a fairly conservative set of individuals, don’t hesitate to brew regular coffee.

They’ll drink all the coffee and all the hot chocolate and ignore the hot cider.

And if the said party has absolutely exhausted you, never fear.

Creating Christmas tree pancakes the next morning couldn’t be easier. 
Do you have a Christmas party to throw? Don’t call me. I’m too tired.

Five on Friday, the holiday edition

1. I bought us tickets for this Christmas lights bus tour. We were very excited for the first 18 minutes.

And now we’re sitting in the back of a bus for two hours, looking at a small handful of Christmas lights and I’m watching Matty B grow more nauseous by the minute (dude gets crazy carsick). We finally ended up doing this:

The population of this tour is 90% senior citizen. That should’ve been my signal to hightail it home.

Now we know.

2. We’re having a swingin’ holiday party tomorrow night so I spent this afternoon doing what I do best:

Dipping things in chocolate.

3. My favorite sacred Christmas song is “Go Tell It On The Mountain.” My favorite secular song is “The Christmas Song”- you know, chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Side note: chestnuts are gross.

4. Both kids had their Christmas programs this week. I cried. My kids +songs+prayer=tears for mama.

She was “F is for frankincense.”

5. We’re still on the bus. I’m pretty sure Matty B is going to vomit.

Rudolph, the special needs Reindeer

You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer and the whole gang, right?

Well, tonight I created the side of the family that Rudolph is ashamed of.

First there’s…

Lazy Eye. Close friends with…

Droopy Nose.

Also part of the family?

Good Ol’ Crooked Head.

It’s Miss Rae’s Christmas Program tomorrow and Pinterest bit me yet again.

  Marshmallow on a stick.


Mini pretzel twists, red m&m’s, candy eyeballs, and melted chocolate.

Easy to assemble. Hard to make look normal.


I’m pretty sure that none of these reindeer will be allowed to join in any reindeer games. 

To be or not to be Santa cookies

My children tend to think outside the box.

Pieces of unraveled carpet from the basement? This is not trash. No, no this string becomes Christmas presents for Uncle Andrew and Aunt Sara! (Note: Andrew and Sara, act surprised and pleased at your carpet string necklaces.)

Butternut squash seeds from the soup I made earlier today? Obviously these are a perfect snack for Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. And now I’ll be finding squash bits in the carpet. Chipmunks can be so messy.

So knowing what I know about my children, I shouldn’t have been surprised when they scoffed at my fancy decorating kit.


“Can’t we just do what we want to do?” questioned J Man.

We used Grandma Honey’s Molasses Sugar Cookies recipe. 

And then there was much original thought.

J Man humored his mama and did one santa cookie, but his other masterpieces include a cardinal and imitations of other family members.

Miss Rae’s are all princesses. Can’t you tell?

And since I’m a natural born rule follower…

This is what the directions said to do.