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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Five on Friday

“Are you writing a blog tonight?” Matty B asked.


I haven’t been running.

I haven’t been cooking. (Cheese sandwiches and frozen veggie burgers don’t count.)

I definitely haven’t been trying new recipes.

I’ve been working. That’s boring.

I’ve been cleaning. That’s boring.

I’ve been “mommy-ing”.

That’s good. So, here’s my five on Friday in honor of the mommy-ing.

1. J is reading chapter books now.

I’m happy and sad all at the same time. Also, my cheese sandwiches aren’t being met with applause.

2. Papa taught the kids how to climb trees and now it’s a daily thing.

How is it that my children are reading chapter books and climbing trees? Stop it already.

3. I had a blow-your-mind moment on Wednesday when I realized that the teacher for J Man’s kidnastics class is a student who was in kindergarten at the school where I got my first teaching job.

I’m old.

4. Today, while Matty B and Miss Rae headed out to the trampoline, J Man stayed inside and…

…sharpened pencils? Yes, yes he did. And it entertained him for a good 30 minutes. I tell ya, it’s nothing but excitement around these parts!

5. Practicing for summer

Swimming lessons here we come!


Five on Friday

1. Some of Matty B’s students were aghast that he didn’t know how to braid hair and took it upon themselves to teach him.

He practiced on Miss Rae. Not bad, eh?

2. I used to be one of those people who didn’t like their food to touch.

I’m apparently over that. You should never go to brunch by yourself because choosing between sweet and savory is nearly impossible. If you have someone to share with, you get the best of both worlds.

3. For reasons that are irrelevant, I spent an extended period of time at a rental car place today.

While waiting, I noted this sign and felt sad. Welome?

Luckily they redeemed themselves with the other side.

4. This made me happy.

5. But this makes me pretty happy too.

Spring in Walla Walla is off the charts.

Trader Joes all day long

I made a strategic decision to get out of Walla Walla for 36 hours. It was everything I thought it could be. And don’t get me wrong. I love my little town, but I’ve found that you can take the girl out of Portland, but you can’t take the Portland out of the girl.

So I ate some amazing food.

And I had some of the best coffee ever.

I went for a run downtown.

Followed up by some tea and reading.

All as a prelude to the very best part…


Just what the doctor ordered. And I hit the freeway headed east, refreshed and rejuvenated.

But you know me and Trader Joes. And of course I stopped. And today when I skipped meetings to attend other meetings, my latest TJ’s stash gave me some joy.


A giant tablespoon of this on top of steel cut oats with blueberries.


A pile of raw veg with this amazing dip and a green smoothie.


More of these than I want to admit. 


I got home just in time for Matty B to go back to work and when J Man suggested breakfast for dinner, I immediately agreed.

You can take the girl out of Trader Joes, but you can’t take the Trader Joes out of the girl.

Five on Friday, hashtags

Matty B hates hashtags. This one is for you, babe.

1. We do math for fun.

He was so excited to get this book. 

Little Miss too:

#nerdalert #teacherskids #iswearididntmakethemdoit

2. Our power went out this morning. No power=no coffee.

No problem. I have a keurig at work. But, as I came to realize, I had no milk or creamer or anything and I’m not a black coffee girl.

But guess what? The staff fridge had whipped cream in a can!

#whitetrash #sodelicious #dessertforbreakfast

3. Since my parents abandoned us last week for Hawaii, my mom felt obligated to share her Hello Fresh meals with us.

Crispy Falafel Salads. The falafels are dredged in panko and they were so crispy. I’m definitely doing that again!

#falafelarenotawful #hellofresh #afterasixyearboycottieatfalafelagain

4. We found our creek.

#bryantcreek #pioneerpark #kidnasticsispayingoff

5. And because I’ve disgusted Matty B with all these hashtags, here’s a link that he’ll appreciate:

Six common mistakes you make when loading your dishwasher
#washingtonpost #bannedfromdoingdishes #loveyoumattyb

One hour

You wouldn’t imagine that one measly hour could change the scope of your day, but today it did.

It all started at 6 a.m. when a piercing alarm came shrieking through the baby monitor into our room. Miss Rae got a new alarm clock for her birthday and somehow that thing got set for 6 a.m. On a Saturday morning.


Of course, after that, no one was going back to sleep.

Miss Rae looked up at me sweetly. “What’s for breakfast, mommy?”

“What do you want for breakfast?”

“Maple Counter?” she requested, hopefully.

Done and done.

Apparently one less hour of sleep makes me crave pancakes.

And since Maple Counter is less than a mile from Pioneer Park, it seemed completely logical to play off our pancakes on a sunny day.

Two and a half hours of soccer, tire swing, and sailing dandelions in the stream wore us out, so we needed to carb up.

Unk C joined us for lunch. Carb+soy+carb+broccoli? Delish.

But when you wake up an hour early, and you’ve eaten a plate of pasta for lunch, you definitely need iced coffee…

…which will give you a burst of energy. Enough energy to wash your car.

And when you have such good car wash helpers, you’ll have the energy for some elaborate sidewalk chalk art.

Even though you lost an hour of sleep.

It was an awesome day. But let’s sleep in until 7 a.m. tomorrow, ok?

Five on Friday

1. A conversation I never imagined I’d have with my son.

J Man: (out of the blue) “How old do you have to be to not wear underwear if you don’t want to?”

Me: (hastily) “21.”

J Man: “Is that the law?”

Me: “No, but it’s mommy’s rule.”

To anyone who spends frequent time with my children, please back me up on this.

2. I pulled a fast one on my kids today.

Hey kids! Wanna go to Chuck E. Cheese?

Code for:

Hey kids! After that we’re going to Costco and you are forced to accompany me!

Costco kills our budget every time. Also, pardon me while I faceplant into that strawberry cheesecake.

3. I had a blood draw this week.

It didn’t go well. This is actually after the bruising has gone down a little. The nurse compared me to a tire with a slow leak. I don’t actually know what that means, other than that I need my blood and my body knows it.

4. I ate a whole Olive Garden salad. By myself.

I’m not sorry. 

5. My parents are in Hawaii.

My mom had the audacity to send me this photo. 

But I’m ok. I’m self medicating with strawberry cheesecake and Olive Garden salad.


Orange Glazed Muffins

These muffins were like sunshine in my life.

But they’re not my only sunshine:

1. Actual sunshine.

 Check out that forecast! 

2. Coffee is like sunshine to me- even decaf coffee. My parents got Stumptown coffee at their bakery and I’ve started going twice a day. Oops.

3. I’m almost almost done with some big event projects at work and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it looks like sunshine!

4. And of course these guys are all kinds of sunshine!

But back to those muffins.

They were delicious and easy as pie (muffins?) but the glaze?

Any glaze, in my opinion, sends a treat over the edge.

I wanted to lick up those little puddles underneath the rack.

And I did.

If you aren’t as blessed in the sunshine arena (hi, Vegas)…

…you should definitely try these muffins!