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Five on Friday

1. J Man and Miss Rae’s dreams came true today.

Remember how obsessed they are with Beanie Boos?

Aunt Glenda took pity on them and sent a care package today with the biggest Beanie Boos ever! They were ecstatic.

I didn’t even know they came this big. My house is slowly but surely being taken over.

2. I haven’t been doing much cooking, but I have been eating, and luckily, much of it has looked like this:

I think vegetables are so beautiful:) but I don’t, as it turns out, like radishes. Too spicy.

3. Matty B had his last softball game a few nights ago (he plays on a league)…

…and just like that, Spring is springing away! Also, this is his “I’m intimidating” look.

J Man tried to emulate.


4. Unk C’s birthday is coming up and we’re getting ready.

Miss Rae wrote these letters all by herself! Kindergarten here we come! And to clarify, this is a drawing of Unk C’s stocking cap…

5. She’s such a beauty…



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