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Date night

One week ago tonight, Matty B ran into the restroom at Brasserie 4 and threw up. 

Oops. Needless to say, “date night” took a rain check and we headed home, determined to try again this weekend.

Thanks to grandma and papa watching the munchkins, we had “take 2” tonight.

Bread with strawberry butter- interesting and somewhat addictive.

Brasserie 4 is known for their fries. They let us down a little tonight. Too crispy, too oily, too overdone.

I had the “verte” salad with avocado, mandarins, chèvre, radishes, and walnuts. Remember how I don’t like radishes?  I like these radishes. The mandarin + chèvre + avocado was awesome.

Thank goodness Matty B likes pizza. Otherwise, what’s a picky vegetarian to do at a French restaurant? He proclaimed the crust slightly burnt, and I might’ve typically called that blackened but it truly did taste a little burnt, so I have to give his palate credit for that one.

Afterward, we walked around the corner to one of my favorite WW haunts, the Colville St. Patisserie. I had the lemon tart. He had the chocolate caramel.

And it was a great night.

We made napkin drawings (just like the old days.)

We stopped at a bookstore and avoided the children’s section entirely. (Not sure the last time that happened.)

We made eye contact.
A great night indeed:)


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