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Strawberry ‘n Cream Cake

From out of nowhere, this girl is super excited about her ABC’s.

Living in a world where her brother organizes football stats into complicated charts for fun, it’s no surprise that she has erred on the side of princess/Barbie/Elsa for her entertainment.

But somewhere we turned a corner. Without any nudging from us, she is super excited about practicing her letters.

I love her “g”.

And we’re taking baby steps, but I’m confident that when she enters kindergarten in a few months (a few months?!?!) she’ll be ready.

I’ve been taking some baby steps as well.

Baby steps back into the world of cooking. (Note the hippo photo bomb.)

And you might actually judge my choice of words when I call this “cooking,” but baby steps, remember?

One angel food cake, cut into three rounds. Four cups of sliced strawberries. One can of sweetened condensed milk. I looooove sweetened condensed milk.

And layer.

Layer it up real good.

I added a little cream cheese frosting on top, just to make it pretty.

Another, cuter photo bomb.

Who took a break from his excel spreadsheet to try and sneak a taste.

Baby steps…


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