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Campfire Orange Cinnamon Rolls

Some things are just bad ideas and you know it from the start, yet somehow you convince yourself that with me it will be different.

Example 1: Giving up caffeine. I might be (absolutely am) back on the sauce. I have no other excuse beyond I like it.

Example 2: Believing that my children won’t notice when I do things like put coconut in their pancake batter or buy the bread with the seeds. They notice. And rather than buck up and eat it, they’ll just not eat. I sure showed them.

Example 3: Campfire Orange Cinnamon Rolls. Blast you, Pinterest.

So, we went camping which might seem like a bad idea but was actually a great idea. We went for two hikes (okay, walks, but we have short legs, what do you expect?), built a fire, slept in a tent, built a fort, and poked lots of bugs.

And I had seen this idea on Pinterest that was super intriguing.

Slice off the top of an orange (and save it- you need it later). Then hollow out the orange innards. That sounds gross. But that’s what they are, right?

Then you get one of those cans of refrigerator cinnamon rolls.

And you stuff a roll inside each orange. Wrap it in foil and throw into the fire for 12 minutes. And then, presto-chango, you have perfectly cooked orange scented cinnamon rolls.

Yeah, right. We cooked ours for 12 minutes and then checked one. Raw. Cooked for 5 more minutes. Almost there. Cooked for 5 more minutes. Scorched.

And it wasn’t that the roll itself was even overdone. It was actually still questionably soft.

But hanging out that long in the fire just does something to you and the charred flavor was prevalent.

I tried to mask the smoky flavor with frosting. Nope. 

Both kids took an obligatory bite and then turned up their noses in favor of marshmallows. Matty B wouldn’t even try one bite.

Pinterest fail.

If you really want to try this because you somehow believe that it will be different for me, here are my suggestions.

1. Get small cinnamon rolls. I bought big ones and that could have been the problem with the long baking time.

2. Double wrap your foil layer. That might prevent the scorching we experienced.

3. Or just don’t do it and bring stuff for smores instead. Winner.

So the oranges weren’t a success, but camping was. Sleeping too.

Love this sweet baby face.


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