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Why not cookies?

Miss Rae is in this “why?” phase.

Specific, real-life example:

Scene – driving the kids to Staples.

Miss Rae: “Why are we going this way?”

Me: “Because this is the way to Staples.”

Miss Rae: “But why?”

Me: “Because it just is.”

Miss Rae: (irritated, because her mother is too ignorant to understand this question.) “But why is THIS the way?”

Me: (realizing she won’t settle for another generic answer.) “Because Staples is across town, close to Rooks park, so we have to go this way.”

Silence. Phew! Solved it!

Miss Rae: “But WHY?”


Even though she makes me crazy with her questions, I made her cookies.

The little peanut had her third and final preschool graduation last week and all the well-behaved moms brought treats to share.

I made these Chocolate chip cookies because they require one bowl and they’re vegan so you can eat dough without guilt.

And then I trashed them up. Why?

Because I needed my cookie contribution to be the first to go from the buffet.


Because I’m naturally very competitive.


Just because, ok???

And the riddler graduated and I hope she never stops asking questions.


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